Louisville Software Development

About Louisville Software

Over recent years software in the Louisville area had made a tremendous leap in software integration. With the introduction to Google fiber into our community businesses, organizations, as well as the public as a whole have been introduced to another door for software implementation to have a deeper positive impact in our daily lives. With the help of Triadic Software, we bring a unique craft, ad an innovative approach into an industry that brings technology and opportunity together.

Software is our passion

Building software for a local organization or business does not have to be stressful. That is why we ensure that a team of developers, who are experienced across multiple platforms and languages are able to create something that can truly have an impact. The implementation of technology into everyday life is becoming more and more present. With the combined experience of over 20 years we ensure that each client is presented a result that is game changing, and makes every day tasks more productive.

Our Mission

We believe that design is more than the absence of clutter and randomness, rather bringing order to complexity. With a carefully designed user interface ( UI ) an the joining of an innovative thought process, we seek to create software that makes life and the daily journey a little easier. From the time that the project is planned, to the moment the client is given the final product, we stay in complete contact with the client throughout the entire process.

Integration Specialist

At Triadic Software we pride ourselves at making things work. Many of our clients have multiple pieces of software that simply don’t talk to each other. That’s where we come in. Here at Triadic we have helped companies simplify their processes by writing custom software that allows legacy software to communicate with more modern software platforms. Instead of hiring different software developers, our team stands by to seamlessly integrate with the platform that you need in order to enhance productivity, save time, and of course save money. Many larger companies see their clients as just one of many and do not hold to any one high in value, however at Triadic Software, we take each client seriously with dedication in order to ensure our clients receive they very product that they need.

Mobile Development

The the last decade, mobile development has taken the world by storm in a way that no one could have imagined. The term “there is an app for that” has never proven to be more true than it is today. Mobile applications have the ability to transform the way business is performed and at Triadic Software we understand that. Through out the years we have had the pleasure of designing a wide array of mobile applications, from applications for small businesses, to non-profits, all the way to the metro government. We believe in seamless integration. That means no gimmicks, just your idea, and the many possibilities to come. With over 20 years of experience, whether it is Android, iOS, MacOS, or Windows we have a team waiting to create whatever you need.