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We exist to simplify the development industry with great products and providing personalized services to further the business of tomorrow.

Who we are

At Triadic Software are a software development company, that specializes in Business software development, as well as mobile and web based development for business and organizations. We provide a variety of skillsets across many different types of development to enhance the software presence in different communities.

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General Services Information

Whether your needs include a major development project or a simple website to help improve your online marketing visibility we have got you covered. We also bring a valuable tool many don’t in that we are able to create customizable database software allowing you more control over what matter to you most.

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Our Services Are Second To None, And With A Combined Experience Of Over 20 Years You Can Be Sure That Your Products Will be Above And Beyond The Industry Standard Every time. With The Services Listed Below We Are Your One Stop Shop That Can Handle Everything From Design To Development. It's Time That There Was A Software Development Company That Cared More About Your Product Than It Does About Your Dollars. Welcome To The Triadic Software Family Where We Care More About What You Want Than How Much Money We're Going To Make.

Web Development

The key to any web application is the right development team. Our developers take your code very seriously, using only the top level standards in OOP design patterns, never rushing best coding practices, and always delivering a product that you can be proud of.

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Mobile Development

The demand of the mobile market has taken the world by storm. You need to be sure that you have a team of developers that knows how to develop to the standards and best practices to meet that demand.

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Integration Specialist

At Triadic Software we pride ourselves at making things work. Many of our clients have multiple pieces of software that simply don’t talk to each other. That’s where we come in. Here at Triadic we have helped companies simplify their processes by writing custom software that allows legacy software to communicate with more modern software platforms.

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Don't Let Time Be Your Enemy


We are development company helping businesses in the area of technology. Our expertise ranges from .NET platform development, to Lamp stack development, to Mobile application Development. Based in Louisville Ky, our goal is to help our customers deliver their information, content, and applications to end users in a manner that will grow their business and help them to succeed in this competitive market.


Classroom Management


The best measure of our success is the happiness of our clients.


Like what you see and hear? Are you ready to make your app idea a reality? Then now is now is the time to build your idea together, we can't wait to hear from you.

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