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Brilliant Idea

Everything starts with an idea.

app viability

App Viability

We work together with you to determine viability of the app, based off of market potential and competition, among other tests.

partnership creation

Partnership Creation

If everything checks out on the viability tests, we form a business partnership with you. This is also where we will work together to form the business plan and app development plan.

app development

App Development

Now the fun begins. We build out the app based on the app development plan. We will be working hand in hand with you during this step, ensuring everything on paper functions the same in action.

bring to market

Bring to Market

The moment we’ve all been waiting for. The first version of the app is ready to be deployed.



Money, money, money!


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“Working with Triadic Software allowed me to take my idea and turn it into a product. Partnering with them was game changer.”
-Shannon Wickel | SpeedyGrid